Piotex Collabore with LGL

Piotex and LGL associate for the Weft Feeders business in India

January 21, 2021


” Piotex and LGL associate for the Weft Feeders business in India”

LGL Electronics is widely known for weft feeders which are successfully installed on almost all the weaving machines; rapier, air-jet, projectile; knitting machines: large diameter, seamless socks, flats, and in almost all applications.

The wide range of electronic weft feeders is able to satisfy the humble needs of traditional weaving, challenging requirements of technical textiles, and critical knitting fabrics.
Piotex is also happy to inform you about establishing the full-fledged service center for LGL Feeders at Kolhapur to cater to the service needs of the customers.

Some points about Feeders:

First in the world to provide programable tension control
The braking system is equipped with electronic sensors that enable to monitor the tension in real time
Optionally, devices for the control of the yarn consumption

Windows and Android systems friendly to communicate the reports and alarms on a real-time basis.
Committed to environmental impact – using the “GREEN CERTIFIED” electronic feeders
OEM supply with many leading weaving machines suppliers

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