PIOTEX is a professional textile firm founded in the year 2012 by two textile technocrats who have vast experience in the field textile industry. Piotex is primarily in marketing activities related to Textile industries and associated with leading brands of Textile Machinery and Accessories.

Over the years, Piotex committed itself to provide reliable and durable textile machine technology leading to value addition and human resources enhancement. Piotex has started associating with the world class manufacturers in the field of the machinery and accessories. Today PIOTEX is fully equipped to respond any requirements in terms of Textile Machinery and Accessories across the line from Ginning, Spinning, Weaving etc.

PIOTEX comprises the team of professionals with the experience and expertise to meet any customer’s requirement with innovative solutions.

Thanks to the dedicated after sales service, today PIOTEX has become one of the trusted names in the Textile Industry.