Piotex Ventures Bags Order For 100 LGL Weft Feeders

Piotex Ventures Bags Order For 100 LGL Weft Feeders

March 21, 2022

Rishi FIBC has placed an order for 100 weft feeders from LGL Electronics. The order was booked through LGL’s India partner – Piotex Ventures Private Limited. Rishi FIBC, among the largest players in this segment, chose LGL Electronics after evaluating various options.

“The customer has expressed its confidence in the LGL Technico-2 feeders and the production is set to start soon,” said company officials. Piotex has already established a Piotex+LGL service center at Kolhapur, which has state-of-the-art equipment and service personnel trained in Italy.

LGL Electronics is widely known for meeting the most demanding expectations, offering top-performing products with high technological content and anticipating solutions for future needs. LGL weft feeders are compatible with almost all the weaving systems: rapier, airjet, projectile; knitting machines: large diameter, seamless socks, flat as well as several others application.

The wide range of electronic weft feeders are versatile and able to satisfy the humble needs of traditional weaving, challenging requirements of technical textiles and critical knitting fabrics. LGL was first in the world to provide programmable tension control and keep it constant throughout the weaving process. The braking system is equipped with electronic sensors that enables monitoring tension in real time and to remarkably reduce the stress on the yarn. Optionally, devices for the control of yarn consumption can be installed as well.

LGL feeders are Windows and Android systems friendly, and communicate the reports and alarms on real time basis. Since many years LGL is committed to environmental impact reduction and sustainable management of resources. All LGL feeders are “GREEN CERTIFIED”.

It goes without saying that LGL feeders come as OEM supply with many leading weaving and knitting machine makers. The spares and repair services are supported by Piotex Ventures Private Limited from its service center at Kolhapur.

(You can reach us at sales@piotex.in or visit our website www.piotex.in for more details.)

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