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Titan Textile Machine

The firm TITAN A/S began its activities in 1897 as a manufacturer of mechanical and electrical machines for different sectors of industry.
In 1965, TITAN A/S merged with another Danish company, THRIGE A/S, and began operating under the name THRIGE-TITAN A/S, specializing in the manufacture of textile preparation machines (knotting and tucking).

Rabatex Industries

Rabatex gained experience during the initial periods by manufacturing basic sectional warping machines / material handling-storage machinery / customized machinery. Now they offer advanced computerized Sectional warping machines, Single end sample warping machines, Single end sizing machines, Speciality warping creels with electronic controls, Precision tensioner, Material handling – Storage equipment for various industry, Customized tailor made machinery for technical textile.

Prism Textile Machinery

We have a team of internationally acclaimed quality control team, who inspect the entire manufacturing process & test finished products to ensure global quality. All our machines are designed & manufactured with the close co-ordination with our customers who are end user to avoid any defect.

LGL Electronics 

LGL Electronics is widely known for meeting the most demanding expectations, offering top-performing products with high technological content and possibly anticipating solutions for future needs. LGL Electronics Products weft feeders are successfully installed on almost all the weaving machines: rapier, air-jet, projectile; knitting machines: large diameter, seamless socks, flat as well as several other applications.


The strong  professionalism and know-how gained in the field of numerical control machining, led the company growing quickly and becoming a large and solid reality in the Textile World for over 30 years. The strong motivation and the very deep passion for their work were the reasons that led the Duci brothers to found the company and to drive it into the right way to find the current success Currently, the society provides with satisfaction to the biggest OEM for Heald Frames for all  types of Rapier Weaving Machines & Warp Stop Motions for brands as like Vamatex, Somet, Panter, Smit, Sulzer, Itema , Sultex, Dornier, Van de Wiele

Vibrant Reeds Products

The Vibrant Reeds and Healds – Started in 2003 at Coimbatore, the Manchester of south India, with a motto to support the well established and developing textile industries at the time. Driven by well defined vision and mission, the growth of the Vibrant Reeds started by providing engineering solutions to the textile weaving industry. Today, Vibrant Reeds in its continuous quest for growth, has gained significant importance not only in Tamilnadu but across India and abroad through their finest reeds.

Technocraft Texmach Pvt. Ltd.

Technocraft Industries is established in 1970 is a leading, strongest and professionally managed company specializing in indegenious range of textile machineries and its accessories, like weaver’s / warper beams, transport and handling equipment for beams as well as cloth rolls, cloth making – up machines and web guiding equipment.