Sujini Rotary Bale Pluckers uses Siemens Platform for Industry 4.0

Piotex is Proud To Tell Sujini Rotary Bale Pluckers uses Siemens Platform for Industry 4.0

March 5, 2021

Piotex is Proud To Tell Sujini Rotary Bale Pluckers uses Siemens Platform for Industry 4.0

Sujini Machines was founded by Mr. Padmanabhan D and is a leading manufacturer of textile machinery since 1985. We cater to the garments industry in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu with design, manufacturing, and support of Pre folding, Balloon padding, Steam calendaring, and Compacting machines. We moved to the Spinning industry, rebranded our self in 2008.

We started manufacturing the automatic rotary bale pluckers for the blow rooms in the spinning mills before 2008. We delivered our first machine to M/s Thangam Spinners in 2006. We started off with one model of the machine and later expanded to two “Cotton” models in 2009. After successfully delivering over 500 machines worldwide, we expanded the bale plucker to 9 variants between 2015 up until now. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified factory is located in Coimbatore, the heart of manufacturing with a sea of quality suppliers at our doorstep.

We started using Siemens LOGO PLC for our basic machine about 8 years ago. PLC failures have gone down to less than 1% after we switched to Siemens and we were able to take full advantage of the LOGO platform. Our higher-end variants match high-end automation and Industry 4.0 standard where we use a wider range of Siemens products. They include SIMATIC HMI with SMART PLCs, Siemens v20

Drives paired with Siemens IE3 motors. We also use Siemens Switchgear internally in the panel board.

We have had direct communication with the Technical & Sales team from Siemens in our region and they have been extremely supportive with

setup, product availability, and after-sales service.Our bale plucker machine models VC-11, VC-41, and VC-51 currently use SIMATIC products. Bale plucker machine works in the fibre preparatory room of a spinning mill where fly dust in higher conditions are rugged. Using SIMATIC PLC and HMI helps us simplify and effectively present data such as 3 level users, Digital stat display with trend graphs, Fault

Display & record with graphical indications, Data logging for 7 shifts, Material profiles for parameter setting. The machine is Industry 4.0 ready. Energy-efficient IE3 motors paired with V20 drives give us the best power efficiency amongst all our models of bale pluckers. This helps in achieving power savings of about 3%. At Sujini Machines, we believe in a minimalistic and efficient design philosophy when it comes to controlling our machines. While industry 4.0 standards exist, they have not fully caught up with all our clients. The majority of them request a plug-and-play machine with a simple control panel that is easy to understand, maintain, and has long operational life. Hence, we cautiously strive forward as Sujini uses Siemens Industry Industry 4.0 ready models with simpler and easy user interface programming while having the same base functions of our machines.

Over the last 15 years and we have evolved and improved our designs through valuable customer feedback and utilizing the advancements in manu-facturing techniques. Our machines have stood the test of time in terms of durability and machine life with our service & spares support for every machine.

We value this as equally important as moving forward with newer innovations.

Siemens products will remain one of our first preferences, as we look forward to fulfil our automation needs.

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