Warping Machine

Piotex in association with Prism Textile Machinery is a One-Stop Solution for weaving preparatory and denim manufacturing all machines including both technologies Rope Dyeing & Slasher Dyeing except looms. Prism Textile Machinery manufacturing latest technological machines – High Speed Direct Prism Warping Machine, PLC based Multi Cylinder Sizing Machine, Indigo Dyeing with Slasher and Rope Technology, etc. with good engineering practice and international quality standards – backed with satisfactory after sales and services.
This Prism Warping machines has disc brake with beam centering also comes with kick back type press drum that are hylum made. it also has disc brake with measuring roll.

Warping is the second stage of the process, used after winding. For this process, we have Warping Machines that involve transferring yarn from a predetermined number of tubes, cones, or cheeses positioned on the creel onto a warper’s beam or a weaver’s beam. Winding involves either preparing a package called a weaver’s beam which is set up on the back of the weaving machine, or preparing a number of packages called warper’s beams which are then sent to the next process known as sizing. There are normally two methods of warping, employing different technologies.


Prism Warping Machine

Prism warping machine manufactures excellent quality Warp Beams with perfect cylindrical & even surface. Main feature of these machines are they maintain uniform tension and high efficiency during processing in weaving. User friendly operator interface.