Vetal Rappid Scan

Vetal is a 30 years old ISO 9001: 2000 certified electronics group company manufacturing products in Coimbatore, South India. Vetal Designs offers quality products and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of industrial applications worldwide in simplified forms.

Sorting & Detection Equipment for Contamination, Metal, Fire(Spark) in cotton used in spinning (Chute feed blow room with carding), Ginning.

Textile Industry – (Ginning, Spinning, Weaving)
Food Processing Industry – (Grain Milling)

Piotex Ventures in association with Vetal brings you Rappid Scan that has System that lit with UV Tubes creating environment of UV Online inspection makes it feasible of detecting UV reflective & Dull.

  • Vetal Rappid Scan has color RGB line Scan CCD Camera for efficient color contamination removal.
  • UV – Line Scan CCD Camera for removing the UV reflective & Dull (non reflective)White Polypropylene, White Wool and White Paper from the white cotton.
  • System lit with UV Tubes creating environment of UV Online Inspection makes it feasible of detecting UV reflective & Dull(non reflective)objects from the white cotton.
  • Lux Monitoring System to monitor the lux variations in the machine and alarm option given to trigger in case of low Lux.
  • Ejection trend monitoring reports for Individual Valve, Hour wise, Day wise, Week & Month wise.
  • Graph Data View option provided to view the exact data which is plotted.
  • UV Module settings & Ejection monitoring can be done from the Touch Screen itself.
  • Most ergonomically designed Model to reduce neps , and reduce suction loss, bends.
  • Design based on High Response Valve realizes low good cotton in the rejection.
  • Three level lamp post Green, Amber & Red to indicate the seriousness of the fault.
  • All the camera signals can be viewed in the touch screen itself.
  • 7.0 “ Color Touch Screen Machine Interface for a better user operations.
  • Capacity up to 1000 KG / Hr