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TSi Power Limited is an organization established in 2011 at Vadodara (India) and has partnered with TSi Power, USA. TSi power limited manufactures products, export and supply power conditioning equipment for CNC production machinery, robotics & factory automation, telecom, OEM’s, security, hospitals, laboratories, IT, residential and commercial applications to clients in Asia and Africa. From engineering & product development to product application, installation and operation support, we have every aspect covered.

Located in the historic city of Vadodara in India, TSi Power thrives on being located in an engineering hub of an industrially developed Gujarat state with a stable work force and ready access to major component suppliers. We value our suppliers and have developed long-term relationships in order to assure the best quality and lead time for components.

Based on the design & technology from our Principals in U.S.A., TSi Power engineer, manufacture and service all of our products right here in the great city of Vadodara. Because of our corporate culture and rigorous hiring standards, our employees have long years of on-the-job experience and employee turnover is extremely low. We believe that employee skills coupled with stability are the foundation to our ability to provide high quality power products.

With our nimble structure, we’re able to quickly provide the help and support our customers need, from sales to technical support to trouble shooting. Our customers find it easy to access TSi Power’s decision makers and technical resources, since they don’t have to go through multiple layers of people and departments. If you need help, we’re just a phone call or e-mail away and we’ll try to respond within 24 hours.