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trolley model-p-306

Trolley Model P-306

Utility manual doffing of cops at ring spinning machine and ring twister; steaming of yerns in the steamer; feeding of cross bobbin winder.

Technical Specification: Aluminum basket, non-perforated/perforated with rib, stackable, duly anodized.

Model P-307

Utility streaming, Auto doffing, Transportation, Laundry washing

Technical Specification: Aluminium steaming trolley, without pantograph, perforated/non-perforated with rib, duly anodized with stainless steel castors.trolley-table

trolley-Model P-307-pujacans-piotex

Model P-304

Utility transportation, doffing, Laundry washing.

Technical Specification: Aluminum trolley, cut out at one length side, without-pantograph, non-perforated, with rib, duly-anodized, with castors.

Model P-316 Trolleys For Flyer-Bobbins, Roving-Bobbins

Doffing and roving bobbins at the flyer of finisher; withdrawal of empty tubes from the tube compartment for replenishing; transport and intermediate storage of bobbins; direct feeding of the bobbins onto the creel of the ring spinning machine and depositing of the empty tubes into it.

Technical Specification: Aluminum flyer bobbins trolley, non-perforated, two width side open, one strong partition, two side shelves for empty bobbins, with castors.


Model P-317

Application: Transport all type of bobbins for steaming, humidifying and controlling of bobbins.

Technical Specification: For quotation; number of bobbins per machine; bobbin diameter gross weight of bobbins; one sample of a tube (or internal); diameter and length of the tube) if important: maximum external dimensions of it (because of elevator steamer); trolley made of M.S. or aluminium metal.