Spun Yarn TFO Twister

Rima Machines Pvt. Ltd. (Previously known as JC Machines Marketing) is engaged in manufacturing, exporting, and supplying a vast range of Yarn Preparatory Machines which includes Spun Yarn TFO Twisters, Covering Machines, Winding Machines, and many more.

Piotex in association with JC tex-mach brings you a single and double-deck Spun Yarn TFO Twister that is suitable for Pure Cotton, Spun Polyester. The process of twisting is an indispensable means of improving certain yarn properties and satisfying textile requirements that cannot be fulfilled by single yarns. The method of twisting two or more single yarns is called doubling or folding or ply twisting. Such yarns are designated as doubled yarn, folded yarn, or plied yarn and the machines intended for the purpose are called doublers, ply-twisters, or two-for-one (TFO) twisters.

Yarn TFO Twister Features:

  • TFO Twisting machines are suitable for Pure Cotton, Spun Polyester, Blends & PVT Yarn with a 7wide range for TPI selection.
  • Better engineering with optimized spindles design and perfect selection of bearing results in high productivity and minimum power consumption.
  • The harness is minimized as TFO twitter are has improved international spindles design.
  • The frame structure of Twisting machines is so steady that gives a vibration-free, smooth-running high-end experience.
  • The machine has comfortable height management for hassle-free operation
  • The lowest TPI CV is done because of the Spindle layout, adequate pressure pulleys, apron on drums
  • Yarn quality and machine efficiency is improved with the help of the Cradle Lifting Mechanism.
  • Adjustable Capsule type yarn tensioning system as per international standard.
  • Proper care is taken for the operator’s safety by providing covers & safety guards on moving parts.
  • Sturdy Traverse & Twist Change Gearboxes with oil circulation system ensures longer life & trouble-free working.
  • The yarn balloon is covered from 3 sides with separators which help in minimizing air turbulence & power consumption.
  • Foot Brake is provided on individual spindles for efficient working with both hands-free.

Technical Specifications

Spun Yarn TFO Twister Technical Specifications




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