Mylon Metallics Piotex

Mylon Metallics Private Limited

The company specializes in the YCP market, offering cylindrical and cubical models with a new floor mounted unit (cubical type). Their production capacity ranges from 4 Tones/day to 48 Tones/day, based on customer needs and space availability. Additionally, the company manufactures machines for automatic yarn packaging- Stretch Wrapping, Carton Packaging and Bag Packaging are some of the types under this category.

Cubical Design : (Both pit & Floor mounted models available)

The cubical design of Mylon YCP offers several benefits, including a reduced overall volume of 15-20%, a reduced cycle time of 10% for increased efficiency, direct yarn conditioning on a pallet, and the ability to be mounted directly on the floor, resulting in cost savings.

The distinct features of Mylon YCP are:

  1. European design machine.
  2. Most reliable components like full length heating coil made in Europe, Allen Bradley PLC system, etc.  E
  3. Efficient pump to generate the desired in minimum time.
  4. Inhouse manufacturing of electronic circuit boards and other critical components.

Mylon is one of the few manufactures of CUBICAL design YCP. These YCP offers following additional benefits over and above cylindrical design.

  1. Reduce the overall volume by 15-20% for same capacity.
  2. Due to less volume, the cycle time is reduced by 10% , hereby increasing the efficiency.
  3. Direct Yarn conditioning on Pallet is possible.
  4. The machine can be mounted directly on the floor resulting in saving in the construction cost.