Maintenance Spray

Selco 56

A universal maintenance spray product for all electric and electronic equipment : displaces and seals out moisture, protects against corrosion and oxidation and lubricates, penetrates and cleans, at the same time.

Selco 56 is a stable, inert organic formula, especially prepared to prevent and repair electrical failures due to moisture, corrosion, dirt or friction. Its effectiveness is the result of the following properties :
A very low surface tension, high capillary action and strong affinity for metals, gives it great penetrating and spreading powers (expected coverage + 140 m2/litre). Therefore, the microscopic film will spread under any moisture, covering the total surface by penetrating into the finish pores and cracks. Penetration continues for 24 hours, which is important for complete moisture elimination. It will at the same time release rusted and frozen parts.

The continuous molecular film is self-repairing, never becomes dry or brittle, and seals the surface against future moisture and corrosion. The special corrosion protection properties result from a multiple, complex system of inhibitors dispersed in the non-volatile part of the product. Insulating film resists flow of corrosion current, passivation by bonding to active metal surface ions, elimination of electrolyte and corrosive media by film barrier.

The volatile part of Selco 56, offers cleaning action as a supplementary benefit and will evaporate after 4-6 hours. The lubricity of the remaining film is excellent and offers precision lubrication where it is required. The high dielectric strength of Selco 56, makes it ideal for high voltage applications. It does not increase electrical resistance, but does restore electrical characteristics to their original value. The time of protection of Selco 56, will vary with the environmental conditions and the best results will be obtained indoors. As it is a soft film which never dries, direct weathering exposure can limit the time of protection outdoors and would require repeated application.

Typical Applications

Preventive maintenance spray program to increase life expectancy of all electrical equipment and to keep emergency equipment operational : generators, pumps, etc. Eliminates breakdowns due to poor environmental exposures, such as flooding, high humidity, salt air, etc. Stop leakage and arcing improves efficiency due to restoration of original resistance values. Corrosion protection of all electrical equipment during storage and transport (removal not necessary). Lubrication of contacts.

For use on air conditioners, alarms, battery terminals and cables, blowers, bulb terminals, bus bars, circuit breakers, coils conductors, contacts, controls, elevators, filters, fuses, gauges, generators, housing, ignitions, insulator, bushings, instruments, meters, microphones, motors, oscillators, PBX equipment, panel boards, plugs, potentiometers, receivers, relays, rheostats, signal systems, sockets, solenoids, speakers, switches, and switch gear, synchronizers, test equipment, terminal blocks, terminal protectors, timers, tooling, transformers, transmitters, tubes, welders, and wire terminals.

Physical Properties of selco-56
Flash point (open cup) 80 °C
Distillation range 76-365° C
Flash point dry film (OPEN CUP) 235 °C
Heat resistance degradation starts at 150 °C.
Specific gravity (20 °C.) 0.92 +/ -0.02
Dielectric strength (ASTM D-877) 31,500 V
Average film thickness 1 to 2 microns
Expected coverage 100 – 140 M 2 /1

Product Code Applications
Colour Dark Grey
Coefficient of friction 0.23  (Static)
Flashpoint None
Layer Thickness 7-15  micron
Temp Range -74°C to 400 °C
Binder Inorganic i.e. (Not Sodium Silicate)
The terms dry film lubricants or bonded coatings describe solid lubricants which are incorporated into a resin-like matrix of organic or inorganic binders. After drying the sliding film is resistant to high pressures and extreme temperatures and does not absorb dust and remains operational for a long time.

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