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Indigo Rope Dyeing Machine

The perfect solution combined with the best technology for indigo rope dyeing. Rope Dyeing Machine forms an essential process in the denim plant. It works on the principle of the form of rope (from the ball warping m/c). In mills, generally 32ropes are simultaneously fed to the rope dyeing machine through various guides and tensioning arrangement at the creel zone to introduce firstly into the scouring box. The level of this bath is controlled by a leveller. Then come the two wash boxes, hot wash box followed by the cold one. The ropes now ready to dye enters the first dye bath. There are eight dye baths and number of them employed depends according to the type of dye to be done .The addition of dye liquor and other aux are carried out through different metering pumps. The liquors circulated between the employed dyes baths to another circulated pumps, as they are inter connected.