greases selco synthetic lubricants piotex
Product Code Description NLGI Grade Min Temperature Max Temperature Applications
SG-350 Synthetic High Temperature Greases 2 -32 300 A special product, designed for specific high-temperature applications. Compatible with polymeric-type rubber seals as well as fluorocarbon materials such as Teflon and Viton.
SG-460 Synthetic EP Moly Grease 2   285(non-melting) Non-melting grease containing Molybdenum Disulphide
SG-500 Ultra high temperature grease 2   760 PTFE (Teflon) and other lubricating solids, enable it  to pass a 760 C pipe thread anti-seize test.
SG-370 Synthetic lubricating grease non soap 2 -35 240 Manufactured from a synthesized hydrocarbon fluid and a non-soap thickener.