Dry Film Lubricant

General Description

Dry Film Lubricant is a dispersion of Molybdenum Di-sulphide in a fast drying solvent system with a minimum amount of binder. The resultant film has superior adhesion and exceptional wear life.

This solid film lubricant prevents galling and seizing of mating metal surfaces under operating conditions of high loads and slow speeds. SG-600 is effective from -74 °C to 400 °C.

Recommended Usage

SG-600 is an excellent general purpose dry lubricant for a variety of uses. A thin film of SG-600 will allow effective assembly and disassembly of threaded connections without galling or seizing. In machine shops, apply to bed ways, guides, lead screws, dead centres etc, for smooth trouble-free operations. New and rebuilt parts treated with SG-600 will break in with low friction and no surface damage during start up.

Recommended Application

Surface to which coating is to be applied should be clean and dry. Oil or grease films should be removed by solvent cleaning or vapour degreasing. If surfaces are heavily corroded or rusty, remove by mechanical or chemicals means.

Physical Properties

Product Code Applications
Colour Dark Grey
Coefficient of friction 0.23  (Static)
Flashpoint None
Layer Thickness 7-15  micron
Temp Range -74°C to 400 °C
Binder Inorganic i.e. (Not Sodium Silicate)
The terms dry film lubricants or bonded coatings describe solid lubricants which are incorporated into a resin-like matrix of organic or inorganic binders. After drying the sliding film is resistant to high pressures and extreme temperatures and does not absorb dust and remains operational for a long time.

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