Co-Contact Cleaner

General Description

Selco Co-Contact Cleaner is a mild, stable and inert cleaner, meant to clean highly sensitive electronic precision equipment. It is used for removal of light contaminants, dust, lint, moisture, atmospheric or light oils and has the following main characteristics

• Rapid and complete evaporation
• Highly purity – leaves no residues
• Effective – low surface tension, high density with selective solvency
• Safe to use because harmless on materials
• Non-staining and stable
• Ultrasonic and vapour degreasing supplement

CO CONTACT CLEANER, is sold only in aerosol containers to preserve high purity. High purity is necessary for cleaning of electronic components an contacts because residues of cleaning materials can also increase resistance to change capacitance of frequency. The content of insoluble residue in CO CONTACT CLEANER, is 10 parts per million or less.

It can be used as a supplement to or instead of vapour degreasing or ultrasonic cleaning. Disassembly and re-assembly of equipment components is eliminated because of cleaning thanks to the aerosol package.

Efficient and thorough cleaning results from a low surface tension and high density. The low surface tension permits penetration into microscopic pores and cracks and also allows for good wetting properties. The weight pressure from the high density aids in penetration. The pressure due to application by aerosol forces residual contamination from the surface and dissolved oils are removed with solvent in a matter of seconds.

Properties Value  
a) Initial Boiling Point C, min 63
b) Dry Point, C Max 70
a) Aromatics, % V.max 98.5
b) Saturates, % V.max  
Density at 25 C, max 0.687
Colour (Say bolt) 30
Sulphur content, ppm, max 75
Copper strip corrosion, 3hrs, at 50 oC, max 1