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CLEENTEX Innovative Solutions:

The company provides various innovative solutions for spinning units, the main objective of the company is to ensure a better and more efficient working atmosphere. This in turn increases the productivity of the organization. Some of the major innovations include Spin-bike, Cop-trolleys, Bobbin Transport System (BTS) etc.

The major products are:

Spin Bike

The spin bike provides excellent solution to improve ring spinning machine efficiency as well as reduce manpower. The Spin bike moves along the machine alley, with variable speed and help the operator to reach the desired spindle in no time.

Spin Bike Plus

The spin bike plus is an ideal solution to increase the manpower efficiency at AutoWinding Machines. An operator can comfortably sit and move across the machine for tube feeding RM type winding machine.  

Bobin Transporting Solution

The Cleentex Bobbin transport system is made of corrosion free- heavy duty channels, built in cleaining brushes and flexible design to accommodate all types of machine layout. VFD controlled motors helps to adjust the speed during loading and transportation.

Cops Trolley

Trolley with built-in Pantograph and coil spring assembly. Trolleys are made of sturdy sheet metal frame with rigid base frame. The maintenance free Casters makes the job easy for the operator.