Aerosols Anti Rust Spray

AC-400 Autoconer Spray is a mild lubricant based on Synthetic Oils for application involving precision parts where sliding parts of minimum tolerances are present. It provides a very thin lubricating film and corrosion protection.


It is the most suitable for Splicers and Knotters of this machine. It is also suitable for precision machines where small parts to be lubricated. It has a very thin film of lubricant.

Appearance : Light coloured

Density : 0.75 gm/cc
Reduced frictional losses, leading to lower sump temperatures and higher gear efficiency
Improved load-carrying properties and reduced wear.
Higher thermal stability, minimal sludge and deposit formation
Inherently higher viscosity index plus low pour point enable equipment of operate over a wider range of service temperature.
Reduced power consumption arising from easier starting, faster warm-up and lower coefficient of friction.ray