effeDi Meccanotek warp stop motion

The strong  professionalism and know-how gained in the field of numerical control machining, led the company growing quickly and becoming a large and solid reality in the Textile World for over 30 years.
The strong motivation and the very deep passion for their work were the reasons that led the Duci brothers to found the company and to drive it into the right way to find the current success
Indeed, EffeDi Meccanotek is today recognized in the Textile Market for the high quality and the careful manufacture of its products.


warp stop motion

Warp Stop Motion

The strength of the EffeDi Meccanotek warp stop is the quality. In all production phases, we have always considered this as a very important part of the loom.

This consist of three subtypes:
1) Base Version
2) Controlled Version
3) Laser Version.


heald frame effedi meccanotek
Heald Frame
laser warp stop motion
Laser Warp Stop Motion