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The strong  professionalism and know-how gained in the field of numerical control machining, led the company growing quickly and becoming a large and solid reality in the Textile World for over 30 years.

The strong motivation and the very deep passion for their work were the reasons that led the Duci brothers to found the company and to drive it into the right way to find the current success

Currently, the society provides with satisfaction to the biggest OEM for Heald Frames for all  types of Rapier  Weaving  Machines  & Warp Stop Motions for brands as like Vamatex, Somet, Panter, Smit, Sulzer, Itema , Sultex, Dornier, Van de Wiele


heald frame effedi meccantok

Heald Frame

Heald Frame carrying rods in hardened stainless steel with rounded edges for J or C healds; measuring 280 mm (11”) or 331 mm (13”) or 382 mm (15”). These heald carrying rods can be fixed across the full length (fig.1) or partially removable for manual threading up (fig.2).

Lateral supports designed to withstand the highest speeds and to satisfy the requirements of all the major manufacturers of weaving machines (fig.3). The lateral supports are connected to the staves with simple and efficient fastening solutions. The driving elements are available for all kinds of shed forming and weaving machines.


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Warp Stop Motion
laser warp stop motion piotex
Laser Warp Stop Motion