ADLER compact spinning system is a valuable addition that can be easily retrofitted to your existing ring frames. it will enhance the quality and productivity of the industry. ADLER compact spinning system is running successfully in cotton, viscose, and blends in various reputed textiles mills.

Structure of Compact Device

  1. 4 over 4 type compact system.
  2. Mesh apron is a positively driven small 19mm roller.
Adler Compact Spinning Piotex

ADLER Compact Spinning System

  1. Top roller loading assembly
  2. 27mm fluted roll with gear
  3. Compact suction tube
  4. 19mm fluted roll with gear
  5. Carrier gear
  6. Compact system housing
  7. Roller stand

For Compact Modification

  1. No need to drill on the beam or roller stand
  2. No damage to the machine frame
  3. Front bottom (27mm) roll drives the (19mm) roll via an idler gear

For Compact Modification

Adler Compact Spinning Piotex textile
Air Duct
Adler Compact Spinning Piotex
Distribution Pipes
Adler Compact Spinning Piotex
Fan Box
Adler Compact Spinning Piotex
Leak-Proof Design
Adler Compact Spinning Piotex

Sophisticated Suction Fan Box Assembly for Adler ADLER Compact Spinning System

  • Negative pressure: up to 35mbar
  • Air discharge: 1.2 CFM /SPL
  • Discharge can be made either into duct or trench
  • State of the art, power-saving fan
  • Uniform suction across the machine

Advantages of Compact Yarn

  • Tenacity increased by up to 15%
  • Hairiness S3 (<3mm ) reduce by up to 80%
  • Elongation increased by 10%(CO)
  • Breaking strength increased by up to 10%
  • Yarn IPI reduced by 15%
  • Autoconer clearer cuts reduced significantly

Advantages Of Spinning

  • Substantially improved spinning working
  • Yarn twist can be reduced up to 15% corresponding production increase without affecting CSP
  • Breakage rate reduces considerably
  • Raw material cost can also be reduced
Adler Compact Spinning Piotex

Highlights of ADLER Compact Spinning Systems

  • 100% Made in India
  • Flexible to suit any make of ring frame
  • Lowest consumable cost among industry
  • Value for money


  1. Individual spindle monitoring system
  2. Roving end stop motion
  3. Short stretch conversions
Adler Compact Spinning Piotex