SIEGER is a focused engineering company to offer cost effective solutions for Textile Spinning & Weaving Plants and Industrial Automation. SIEGER strives to be a reliable global supplier. The Yarn Conditioning Plant is one products which has made SIEGER a well known brand in the market. Quality established as per ISO 9001 Standards.


APAC – Automatic Cone Packing System

Automatic Cone Packing System has modules for automatic wrapping of conical or cylindrical yarn packages in polythene film and packing them in HDPE bags or carton boxes. The main feature of this system is that it is completely Automatic System resulting in substantial amount of reduction in material handling and work force and also it linked to Auto Storage.
The main stages of APAC are –
a. Buffer Storage – For storage of cylindrical or conical yarn package.
b. Wrapping – For automatic wrapping of conical and cylindrical yarn packages.
c. Bagging – For packing of wrapped cones for delivery.